Custom Services

We can provide backend services in WordPress including php and database work. We also have frontend developers and designers who can style your site and present your information beautifully. Simply fill out the form and we can get started.

Quick Start  Installation & Design

Let our designers and application specialists give you a quick start by installing WordPress, themes and plugins for you. You will also have 3 additional hours with our front-end designer to use as needed. We can modify templates, CSS, Javascript, etc. This will free you up to work on content, SEO and audience development.

Pro install

PLUS 3 Hours Front-End Designer
  • saleRegular $129
  • Install on your server
  • Install & Configure WordPress
  • Install & Configure your theme
  • Install & Configure WooCommerce
  • Install & Configure Prosociate
  • Additional 3 hours of Front-end Designer Time (CSS, Javascript, templates, etc.)
  • ProInstall99

Affiliate Site Hosting

Let us host your affiliate site on our VPS server. With traditional low cost shared servers you are on a server with up to 1000 other domains. A couple of resource hogs and your site will crawl. To combat this, hosts place limits on your site that also may cause under-performance. A VPS on the other hand is too expensive and overkill for starting out. With our Affiliate Site Hosting, you get the advantages of VPS and have none of the performance issues of shared hosting. Fewer than 20 other affiliates vs. 1000+ on a shared server. All at a low annual price. Check out or Quick Guide to Hosting for more information about hosting for affiliates.