Announcing Rapisite

We have launched our new affiliate platform - Rapisite. Over the years of selling plugins and themes for affiliate marketers, we noticed our customers often had similar issues: WordPress Complexity Niche and keyword selection High startup costs Hosting chalenges SEO...

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Prosociate 4.3

Prosociate 4.3 Upgrade A quick note to let everyone know that we have issued a Prosociate upgrade. The latest version is now 4.3. In addition to small bug fixes we added some new capabilities. New features in 4.3: ✅ Dual Cart - We added support for new popup modal for...

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Free Hosting – New Services

We have expanded our services and hosting options. Our goals is to make it as easy as possible to get your Amazon affiliate site up and running. For all new Prosociate customers we will provide 60 days of free hosting and an optional quick-start service. The...

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Prosociate 4 Launched

We are excited to announce the availability of Prosociate 4. This new release of our flagship Amazon affiliate plugin has many new and unique features to make you successful as an Amazon affiliate: 1-Click update - will allow you to sync your entire site product...

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Updated Prosociate Overview and Walk-through

We have a new screencast video that is a complete overview of Prosociate. Unlike many product vendors for Amazon affiliates;; we put features, functionality, technology and support first. Our competitors are often focused on upsells, actors pitching their products,...

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Prosociate Version 4

Prosociate 4 The countdown begins for our newest release. We are constantly developing and improving our products - Prosociate 4 will set a new standard for building Amazon Associate sites. Some of the new features you can look forward to: Book Searching - The Amazon...

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EverTrav – Prosociate Affiliate Site

Successful affiliates are always on the lookout for new site design ideas. Many of our customers want to add additional affiliate products to their Amazon offerings. With this in mind, we created a demo site at  Here we combine products from Amazon, Ebay,...

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Prosociate 3.1.4

We have updated Prosociate to Version 3.1.4. You can download the new version from your user area: This point release has: minor bug fixes enhanced csv importing fixed a cron issue with certain child/parent...

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Ebay Commission Schedule Changes

Ebay is moving to a single global rate schedule for their Ebay Partner Network (EPN) affiliates. The net result is a slight decrease in 4-5 categories. Most decreases were 5% with collectibles dropping 10%. Fashion on the other hand increased! Going from 65% to 70%....

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