Amazon Affiliate WordPress Tools Roundup

Amazon released their new Associate plugin called LinkBuilder; so it seemed a great time to do make a guide for Amazon affiliates. We researched scores of plugins and themes that were focused on Amazon affiliates and took a close look at LinkBuilder. Check it out, always good to stay on top of the fast-moving world of WordPress.
WordPress Tools For Amazon Affiliates




Did you know that Prosociate was part of a family of affiliate products? Hyperfiliate brings together all of our affiliate products. For affiliate marketers, we have Prosociate, the most powerful store and niche building plugin for Amazon and Ebay affiliates. Our ReadyThemes will let Amazon and Ebay affiliates quickly launch review and other affiliate sites. For electronic product creators, we have developed imConnect With imConnect, you can sell your downloadable products with the two largest affiliate networks for internet marketers, JV-Zoo and ClickBank; while still managing them  in Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) or WooCommerce.  We also have SEO and social tools at wpSocial  get the word out.

We will also be reviewing affiliate programs, providing best practices and custom services for affiliate marketers and downloadable content marketers. At Hyperfiliate we are uniquely qualified to be your go to resource for affiliate marketing. We build themes and plugins for affiliate marketers and product owners. We use affiliates as a  product marketing sales channel. We are an affiliate marketer using our own products at and others. Let us help you take your affiliate business to the next level.


Review of Prosociate – Past Present and Future

As we get ready to release a new version of Prosociate it was a good time to review the direction of the product. We continue to move in step with the latest trends in affiliate marketing and how you stay relevant with Google. Stay tuned for more Prosociate news.
Prosociate Feature Review and Philosophy

Connect JV-Zoo and ClickBank to Easy Digital Downloads

imConnect EDD
Our new product imConnect EDD is perfect for people selling digital downloads. Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) is surely the king of selling downloads. With a huge ecosystem of addons you can store your downloads on Amazon S3, you can have licensing and updates for your products – so many addons, just an amazing product. Well now you can manage those EDD Downloads, maintain control over your intellectual property AND harness the marketing power of JVZoo and ClickBank. Check it out over at the mothership,

Beat the Heat

Summer is here in force. A great time to move inside and make some money. We have created a cooling coupon for you to get started:


New FAQ entry

Product Unavailable posting error
When you post Amazon products in Prosociate you may sometimes get an error that a product was unavailable and not posted. This can happen for a number of reasons:

1) Product is out of stock 
2) Product is a variant (color, size etc.) – please select “import child products” option
3) E-products, kindle – for some external products the Amazon api returns 0 for the price. Please select import “free products” option
4) Price range filter – pleae note that the price range filter is in cents so 100=$1
5) Memory issues – if memory is exhausted during posting you may get the unavailable error. Please review the memory settings section of this faq

Amazon API Connection Issues

This weekend the Amazon api was unavailable to users for a number of hours. The symptoms were that Amazon would not accept any keys via SOAP protocol. Everything seems to have returned to normal on Sunday. If you have any missing products from your cron job running while api was unavailable you can restore those by re-running the cron job (for subscription campaigns) or re-running your standard campaigns. For future reference you can control whether Prosociate deletes unavailable products or marks them “out of stock .”  This is in the settings area.

AzonLand – Home for Amazon Associate Power Users

We are very excited  to announce our new website devoted to Amazon Associates. We have combined all of our substantial Associate tools and plugins, a collection of resources and articles, and a curated library of GPL themes and plugins. It is very difficult to find reliable information in the Amazon Associate space. There is so much spam, affiliate bait and various questionable “offers” that many affiliates are frustrated or worse, get bad information or taken advantage of. We have created Azonland to provide a highly productive environment for any Amazon Associate. Members receive:

ReadyThemes – all themes with premium support and updates
Prosociate – the MOST powerful Amazon plugin with  premium support and updates
Training videos
Over 100 premium GPL themes and plugins
Library of curated Amazon and affiliate articles

Non-members can also access the articles and a subset of the resources – something for everyone! Check us out at


Prosociate 3.0 released.
We have released Prosociate 3.0 with many exiting new features:

Ebay Module – now you can have the power of Prosociate and add Ebay products to your affiliate toolkit.
CSV Import – Create  csv list of ASINs and quickly import large numbers of products
Enhanced Searching – new Amazon product finding features
Auto updates -now your WordPress install will tell you when an upgrade is available
Spinning – built-in and 3rd party api accessed text spinning

and more ……

Beta Update

Beta version 3.0.4 has been added to your download area.