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Successful affiliates are always on the lookout for new site design ideas. Many of our customers want to add additional affiliate products to their Amazon offerings. With this in mind, we created a demo site at evertrav.com  Here we combine products from Amazon, Ebay,  Hammacher and others. We added a “Pintrest-style” layout for good measure with infinite scrolling.


Prosociate 3.1.4

We have updated Prosociate to Version 3.1.4. You can download the new version from your user area:


This point release has:

minor bug fixes
enhanced csv importing
fixed a cron issue with certain child/parent products

Ebay Commission Schedule Changes

Ebay is moving to a single global rate schedule for their Ebay Partner Network (EPN) affiliates. The net result is a slight decrease in 4-5 categories. Most decreases were 5% with collectibles dropping 10%. Fashion on the other hand increased! Going from 65% to 70%. You can read the full article at Hyperfiliate:
->New Rate Card <-

Changes Coming for Amazon Affiliate Commisions

Lots of buzz about Amazon possibly changing their fee structure in the coming months. We will see if this is a reality or rumour soon. Hyperfiliate looked at the possible changes and the impact on Associate’s commissions. It is not all bad news in fact potentially good for those just starting out. Read more from the link  below:
Amazon Associate Fee Structure

Choosing a Hosting Plan

We have put together a guide to choosing a hosting plan for your affiliate site. Topics include:

Descriptions of the types of plans and the needs of Amazon Associates.
Prosociate users needs (access to SOAP to communicate with Amazon via their api and CRON)
Shared vs VPS vs. Managed wordPress

Check it out!
Hosting Options for Affiliates

Amazon Affiliate WordPress Tools Roundup

Amazon released their new Associate plugin called LinkBuilder; so it seemed a great time to do make a guide for Amazon affiliates. We researched scores of plugins and themes that were focused on Amazon affiliates and took a close look at LinkBuilder. Check it out, always good to stay on top of the fast-moving world of WordPress.
WordPress Tools For Amazon Affiliates




Did you know that Prosociate was part of a family of affiliate products? Hyperfiliate brings together all of our affiliate products. For affiliate marketers, we have Prosociate, the most powerful store and niche building plugin for Amazon and Ebay affiliates. Our ReadyThemes will let Amazon and Ebay affiliates quickly launch review and other affiliate sites. For electronic product creators, we have developed imConnect With imConnect, you can sell your downloadable products with the two largest affiliate networks for internet marketers, JV-Zoo and ClickBank; while still managing them  in Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) or WooCommerce.  We also have SEO and social tools at wpSocial  get the word out.

We will also be reviewing affiliate programs, providing best practices and custom services for affiliate marketers and downloadable content marketers. At Hyperfiliate we are uniquely qualified to be your go to resource for affiliate marketing. We build themes and plugins for affiliate marketers and product owners. We use affiliates as a  product marketing sales channel. We are an affiliate marketer using our own products at evertrav.com and others. Let us help you take your affiliate business to the next level.


Review of Prosociate – Past Present and Future

As we get ready to release a new version of Prosociate it was a good time to review the direction of the product. We continue to move in step with the latest trends in affiliate marketing and how you stay relevant with Google. Stay tuned for more Prosociate news.
Prosociate Feature Review and Philosophy

Connect JV-Zoo and ClickBank to Easy Digital Downloads

imConnect EDD
Our new product imConnect EDD is perfect for people selling digital downloads. Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) is surely the king of selling downloads. With a huge ecosystem of addons you can store your downloads on Amazon S3, you can have licensing and updates for your products – so many addons, just an amazing product. Well now you can manage those EDD Downloads, maintain control over your intellectual property AND harness the marketing power of JVZoo and ClickBank. Check it out over at the mothership, Hyperfiliate.com

Beat the Heat

Summer is here in force. A great time to move inside and make some money. We have created a cooling coupon for you to get started: