Testimonials from Prosociate Users


Prosociate’s interface is simple, unlike its competitors. I highly recommend this software. This is the best in the business.
Amitava Sarkar


Prosociate is a fantastic plugin that allows you to setup an Amazon store with a minimum of fuss. With automatic price updates and a raft of other features your store will always be up to date and ready to earn commission.
Amanda Mayne


Prosociate is the most advanced Amazon plugin I have ever used.
Philip Kleudgen, Plugins24.com


I love it. Far better than another that I’ve tried.


I already see some products on first page of the SERPs.


Fantastic plugin fellas, everything that I’ve been tirelessly looking for to help me build an Amazon based eCommerce store seems to be covered in your plugin. The easiest purchase ever!


Purchased this yesterday and it has been awesome so far!


…products from Soflyy are top notch and ahead of the times.
Indianboy69, WarriorForum


…products from Soflyy are top notch and ahead of the times.
Indianboy69, WarriorForum


I’ve purchased your WP All Import, WP Wizard Cloak, and now Prosociate, and they are all outstanding. Please don’t stop developing.


I gotta say – I am really blown away by this plugin, and the sophistication of it. You guys have done one fantastic job on this. I HIGHLY recommend anyone sitting on the fence to get this now… don’t miss out!


I was able to setup a store that is seeing some organic traffic without doing anything for SEO.


Just had our first (small) ‘sale’ via Prosociate. Woohoo! Hopefully the first of many more to come. If you’re thinking of buying this plugin then get on with it…
thetasticweb, WarriorForum

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