Announcing Prosociate Version 4

Prosociate, the most flexible and powerful Amazon affiliate plugin for building your Amazon Associate business is getting better! Soon you will have dedicated book searching, use wpCron to automatically update your pricing, get a performance advantage with PHP 7, export your searches as a csv file of ASINs and much more.The new release will ship on May 1 but you can get started now with our version 4 pre-release bonus offer – a 25% discount plus a pre-release copy of version 4. Be the first to get these new features and gain a competitive edge!

We Thought of Everything to Make you Successful

Amazon API

Our advanced API integration creates a seamless integration into your site without requiring a time-consuming setup process.


Our integration with WooCommerce creates the perfect online shopping experience for your users. There is nothing else like it anywhere!

90 Day Cookies

Standard Amazon affiliate links only set 24 hour cookies, but our Amazon Cart integration locks in 90 days of profits from every user.

Geo Targetting

Generate WorldWide profits via our advanced GEO Targeting algorithm which auto detects where users are from so you can profit from ANYONE who visits your site no matter what country they are from!

Google Optimized

Auto generated “Product” Microdata and API Link generation for complete Optimization of your Amazon Products for the most out of the box search engine optimized plugin for Amazon anywhere!

Fresh Data New Products

Your products will auto update with the latest pricing data and content to keep you in Amazon’s good graces, plus, add new products to your site on auto as they are added to Amazon based on Your requirements!


Prosociate is a powerful and flexible WordPress plugin for building your Amazon and Ebay affiliate business. We use WooCommerce as our shopping and checkout system giving our users access to the largest commerce tool-set. We have thousands of customers and have a track record of solid support. We are not here for an upsell or a quick bit of your money.  We want you to succeed and we make an extra effort to see that happen. Unfortunately, there are no magic products or automatic tools that will make you rich as an affiliate marketer — but Prosociate will let you find better products, present them in a compelling way and make you more productive. Take a moment to view our in-depth product overview video and see the power of Prosociate.

Prosociate Product Walk-through

Fully Integrated with WooCommerce

WooCommerce Shopping Cart!

​With our Advanced Technology integration, your users can now experience a seamless online shopping experience like they would at thousands of online stores​

We have meshed the Amazon API and WooCommerce to create the ultimate Amazon Affiliate shopping tool. Making your site visitors happy and your wallet even happier. Happy customers mean bigger profits and you get that and more.

Plus, you also get all the bells and whistles WooCommerce has to offer. Advanced navigation, thousands of ready made themes for plug and play site building, and customizable shortcodes for placing products anywhere on your site you want. Above, below, or right inside your content itself!

New Search Options

With Prosociate you have full access to all of Amazon’s products. – over 250 million! You need powerful searching tools to find the best products to present to your customers, Our new searching parameters let you fine-tune your product searches.

New Text Spinning

Both built-in spinning and integration with Spin Rewriter.(separate license required). You can select their logo below for more information:


New CSV Import

Have 100’s of products or even more that you want to import?No problem use our csv import and bypass the Amazon 100 item retrieval at a time limit.

Instant High Converting Pages!

Create high converting Product pages in the click of a button. Let WooCommerce do the heavy lifting and watch your Profits go through the roof. All users have to do is shop!

Shop, Add to Cart, Buy!

Prosociate keeps Customers shopping on your site longer, adding more products to their Shopping Cart in the process! Our users have seen a 267% increase in profits from Amazon over any other product, store builder, or plugin!

SImple 3 Step Installation

In Prosociate 3.0 we have made installation and setup a snap with our guided Step by Step process you can be setup and ready to go in just a few minutes. Now you can build an unlimited number of Amazon Affiliate Stores faster than ever before!

Quick and Easy Product Creation

Quickly search fro and find unique products for your specific niche. Search for items in your niche with specific discount levels.

Powerful Amazon Plugin

Automatically updated and optimized for SEO and Microdata, your site can have an unlimited number of REAL “products” loaded and ready for buyers in the next few minutes!

We do it all for you….Step by Step!

Limited-Time-OfferProsociate 3 for Amazon – with free Ebay version.

Free Prosociate Ebay Edition. Just like Prosociate for Amazon the Ebay edition lets you search for products, build campaigns, spin product descriptions, etc. Ebay does not have a cart to cart function and all links will be WooCommerce External links. For a limited time your Prosociate purchase includes a free Ebay module! Why limit yourself to just Amazon sales. Give your customer options and a reason to return!

We are so excited about version 4, we have a 25% off coupon to celebrate! Get Prosociate for Amazon plus our Ebay version and the advance copy of Prosociate 4.  All at one low price and for a limited time … 25% off   — use code:   pros4

Prosociate 3 for Amazon PLUS Prosociate – Ebay Edition Combo Pack

Single Site - Amazon & Ebay!
Single Site
Includes Amazon and Ebay Plugins
Geo Targeting
90 Day Cookie
CSV Import
Built-in Spinning
Store Statistics
Unlimited - Amazon & Ebay!
Unlimited Personal Sites
Includes Amazon and Ebay Plugins
Geo Targeting
90 Day Cookie
CSV Import
Built-in Spinning
Store Statistics
Agency Amazon & Ebay!
Unlimited Client Sites
Includes Amazon and Ebay Plugins
Geo Targeting
90 Day Cookie
CSV Import
Built-in Spinning
Store Statistics